Where to Donate Pet Food in Seattle

Spike Baby

We found ourselves with a surplus of dog food this winter, so I did some research on where to donate pet food in the Seattle area. If you find yourself in the same situation - or feel like donating just because - take a look at the options below!

Ballard Food Bank - Drop-off in Ballard. accepts opened bags of dog and cat food. 

The Doney Memorial Pet Clinic - Focused on supporting pets of the homeless and low-income. List of items in need available. Gift cards and monetary donations accepted. Monthly recurring donations available.

Emerald City Pet Rescue - Can't accept food but has a list of other items in need. Accepts monetary donations. Volunteer opportunities available.

Homeward Pet Food Bank - accepts pet food donations at Mud Bay locations plus additional locations, mostly north and east of Seattle.

PAWS - Drop-off in Lynnwood or Cat City in the U-District. Great suggestions for other items and organizations in need.

Seattle Animal Shelter - Drop-off in Ballard. Amazon wish list & monetary donations accepted. Check PDF wish list for most needed items.

Seattle Humane Society - Drop-off in Issaquah. Amazon wish list & monetary donations accepted. Low-income senior pet aid available. Check their "not accepting" list as they've got space constraints.

If I forgot any, please let me know in a comment below!