10 Fast Facts About ofo, Seattle's Newest Bike Share Program - & Special Code For You! (Sponsored)

You may have noticed an influx of new bike share bikes in different colors popping up around the city like Skittles. WITH PEOPLE ACTUALLY RIDING SAID BICYCLES! How cool is it that we've been able to go from a bike share "learned opportunity" (read: failure) to so much success in just five months?

I'm here today to give you ten fast facts about ofo, Seattle's newest station-free bike share program with bikes as bright as the sun and Beyonce's (or Gucci Mane's) Lemonade. I got to check one out recently on Capitol Hill and it's clear I need to spend more time re-acquainting myself with non-stationary biking LOL. Enjoy!

ofo Seattle bike share

1. ofo started in Beijing - as a project by David Dai and his co-founders while attending Peking University!

2. There are now over 8 million ofo bikes in more than 170 cities around the world with 25 million trips per day.

3. Seattle is the first North American market for ofo. They seem to be concentrated mostly in Capitol Hill and downtown, but you can easily see bikes around the city when you first log into the app.

4. Riding ofo is as easy as 1-2-3-4:

ofo Seattle bike share 5

5. It only costs $1/hr to rent a bike! There's no limit on how long you can rent a bike for.

6. ofo is BYOH (bring your own helmet.) Helmets are required by law in King County!

ofo Seattle bike share 2

7. You don't have to worry about bringing headlights or reflectors though. Check out all the standard ofo bike features here.

8. The bikes are GPS-enabled and sync with your phone, which makes trip planning easy.

9. When you're ready to park and lock your ofo bike, there are plenty of Preferred Parking Zones (PPZ) marked in the app. You can also park your ofo bike anywhere outside of the pedestrian right of way that complies with local laws and does not obstruct traffic. 

ofo Seattle bike share 3
ofo Seattle bike share 4

10. ofo has partnered with the UN Development Programme to tackle climate change and launched a new partnership with Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation to donate bicycles to girls living in Malawi in need of a safe way to get to school.

Thanks ofo for making it a little easier to get around Seattle! Here's a special promo code for you to get started on ofo: Y0000R

Disclaimer: Compensation and service provided by ofo for review. All opinions are mine!

Thanks to my cousin Ryan for taking these photos!

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