The FreshWed Diaries: Our Engagement Photos

They say that your engagement photos are the first peek your wedding guests will see of the look and feel of your big day. That may or may not be true for each couple, but for us, our engagement photos helped to tell our story. We decided on three places that mean a lot to us in the city, and with our dear friend and phenomenal photographer Sarah Lovrien, trekked out on a rainy December day to get these shots. I’ve only shared a couple of these outside of our wedding website before today - enjoy!

We met one fine spring day walking home from UW after I stopped into Bulldog News - we’ve been there many times to read a magazine or two since, and as you know, bulldogs have prominently featured in our lives. 😃 

Our first date was at Victrola on 15th. I vividly remember us talking about how old we were, and how I thought he was 23 (we were both 19 LOL.) Initially the date was just for coffee, but he asked me to a movie on the coffee date - and we’ve been dating ever since!

The Seattle Art Museum is one of our favorite cultural icons in the city - and surprisingly easy to photograph in. We wanted to get married in the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, but the one year we decide to get hitched is the same year SAAM undergoes a remodel. We ended up finding the perfect venue a little bit out of the city soon after.