Fresh Style: Kam Chancellor for Awl & Sundry

I don't really want to talk about how sick I am that I couldn't make it to this event last week, so I'ma just stick to the facts and show you the goods that my favorite Seahawk, Kam Chancellor and NYC menswear brand Awl & Sundry have partnered on.

Kam Chancellor Awl & Sundry

Last Monday, Seattle Seahawks strong safety Kam Chancellor launched his collaboration with custom shoe brand Awl & Sundry. Considering he is arguably the sharpest dresser on a very swaggy team (even after Ciara clearly took over styling duties from and for Russell Wilson), it's no surprise Kam was tapped to share design duties on his very own shoe line. 

Guest in attendance custom ordered shoes with professional stylists, with a portion of the purchases going towards the Kam Cares Foundation — which supports children from underserved communities in the Hampton Roads and Seattle areas with educational, health, and wellness tools and resources to position students for greater academic success.

Take a look at his designs below along with pics from the party.

Design your own at Awl & Sundry's website.