Bold Lip From a Gloss? Hi Hello Kitty x ColourPop Collection!

Do y’all know how hard it is to find lip gloss that gives you a bold lip and doesn’t rub off at the first sip of coffee? My friends at Hello Kitty / Sanrio kindly sent me their new makeup collection by ColourPop, and I’m happy to report the bold lip Holy Grail has been found.

First of all, Hello Kitty has a legit makeup collection. I love her and that is amazing in and of itself. Moment of appreciation for that.

Second of all, I hate wearing lipstick - at least for everyday wear. It just feels a little too extra. I do have a healthy love for lip glosses and carry at least 25 in my bag, 15 at my desk and 15 more in each of my desk drawers. I love the lightness of lip gloss, but I also like having some color on my lips too. Conundrum, I know. 

Enter Hello Kitty x ColourPop. The queen of cute and everything cherry red, Hello Kitty comes correct with this makeup collection. There’s an array of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes, but for me, the crown jewels of this collection are all of the lip glosses. Christmas came early for me this year!

This is my first experience with ColourPop, and I am so impressed with how vibrant the colors are, and how long they last. I’ll be the first to tell you how un-ladylike I am when I’m eating or basically just going about my day. I’ve worn the matte, satin, glossy and metallic lip glosses from this collection, and each one has stayed on through a full day of meetings and eatings without a touch-up. I go home and it’s still as vibrant as when I put it on before I’d left for the day. It’s insane. In fact, I washed one off my face while taking a shower and the bright red gloss spread over my face so hard it looked like I killed something with my bare teeth. LOL. Don’t do that. 

You can catch some of the Hello Kitty collection online at if you act quickly. My favorite shades of all are the matte lip gloss in Ribbon and the metallic lip gloss in Surprise. I will definitely be shopping ColourPop for more glosses in the future.

Thanks, Sanrio & ColourPop!

Disclosure: Products were provided by Sanrio for this review. All opinions are mine!