Fresh Style: Ethical Fashion with Accompany

Ethical fashion is always in season in my book. During the holidays, fair-trade and fashion-forward retailer Accompany shared their exclusive black & white Abeque bracelet with me, and it’s been the perfect complement to my outfit almost any day of the week.

Accompany's mission is to help human beings—to change the lives of individuals, families, and communities, for good. To the team, change doesn’t mean a quick fix or temporary solution. It means a forever altering of the systems and cycles that perpetuate poverty and economic disparity around the world. They believe that socially-conscious industry holds the key to that permanent change—fortunately, as fun as fashion is, it’s also an industry that’s perfectly positioned to make a powerhouse impact. 

All of the goods on their site are handmade by artisans around the world. The products are fair-trade and make an impact on global philanthropic causes.

The B&W Abeque bracelet was made in collaboration with Tiklari. Tiklari collaborates with artisans in Turkey using traditional jewelry-making techniques mixing gold plated bronze, colorful stones, and other special materials from around the world to create handcrafted jewelry with a “happy soul”, wishing to celebrate it as a form of adornment born from the flow of ideas and fusion of culture.

Check out more stylish pieces over at Accompany’s website.