What’s on Your #UltimateBucketList?

With my birthday just passing, I’ve been thinking a lot about my wish lists. I always try to be pretty modest when it comes to asking my loved ones for things, but in my head you know I’m always dreaming big.

How do you dream big?

Let’s say you won the Washington’s Lottery jackpot. What would you do with it? No guilt, no holds barred, and no limitations on what you’ll do with your winnings. The Washington’s Lottery and I want to know what’s on your #UltimateBucketList!

What’s on mine, you ask? Just like my birthday wish list, I like to keep my bucket list full of things not too far out of my proverbial reach. I like to dream big so I have something to shoot for when I’m setting my goals. Aspirational, yet attainable. I like that when I try my luck in Washington’s Lottery, it can vary from Scratch tickets in my birthday cards to crossing my fingers to take home a prize from one of their sweet Jackpot Games. Different prize levels make dreams of all sizes come true!

That being said, here are just a few things on my #UltimateBucketList:

A European castle tour

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

A huge, dreamy library

My own non-profit

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

A luxury cruise with my mom

A hybrid gym (for my sculpt & HIIT work, my boyfriend’s jiu-jitsu & MMA and my BFF’s Zumba classes ☺)

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

The perfect tropical fitness getaway

Tell me what’s on your #UltimateBucketList!

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