Less priorities. More time & focus on 'em.

Less screen time. More presence in the moment.

Less posturing. More giving back.

Less noise. More silence.

Less rushing. More mindfulness.

Less comparison. More growth.

Less television. More satiating curiosity.

Less networking. More connecting.

Less calendar appointments. More playtime.

Less talkin' bout it. More being 'bout it.

Less yes to everything. More yes to the things that matter.

Less time for fake ones. More sippin Cristal (smoothies) with these real ones.

Less shopping. More thoughtful curating.

Less spending. More saving.

Less things. More experiences.

Less Pinterest. More real life.

Less digital. More analog.

Less burgers. More burpees.

More Glow. Always more @fortheglow.

More mentoring. More getting mentored.

Hopefully less sugar! LOL

Less consuming. More creating.

Always elevating the fresh.