Resolution Challenge 2015: Week One & Done

Week one of the Resolution Challenge 2015 is behind us! You'd think that I'd have this down by now, but handling the detox with a full-time job is new to me. That's the bigger lesson in this all, right? We learn and grow with the changes not just of our body and mind, but in our lifestyles too.

On Monday, the first day of the detox really had it in for me. I'd never had detox symptoms hit me quite this hard before, but by 3:00p.m. I was spent. My energy was shot, I felt nauseous with a headache coming on, and I may have been hallucinating but there was a slight fever too. How much sugar did I have over the holidays anyway? Geez. I slept on and off as soon as I got home, and set off the rest of this week's theme of sweating out those toxins (for real. My clothes were soaked.)

That's when I knew this Resolution Challenge would be a lesson in listening to my body. The first year I was focused on getting everything right, and this world of superfood and sweat was new to me. Everything was so foreign and overwhelming - welcome, of course, but I spent a lot of time learning what everything was and what it did; not necessarily whether or not it fit right for my diet, body and lifestyle. Last year I put a ton of focus on working out, and while I pushed myself physically and mentally, the nutrition and cooking piece was still a little foreign and a lot overwhelming for me and my (self-inflicted) busy schedule to fit in.

This year, I'm going beastmode on this Challenge. To me, that doesn't mean going hard on working out or on making perfect meals. It means giving it my all each day, and keeping in tune with my mind and body at all times. My new job is so awesome and I need/want to show up for it every day. Same with my boyfriend and bulldog. My family and friends. My new nephew. I'm making space for this detox but I can't drop everything in life for it.

Understanding my priorities and saying 'no' to everything else is key.

Aside from those things I've just listed, I'm declining everything else going on and leaving space at night to take care of my body. I'm taking this Challenge day-by-day, and it's important to me not just to start off strong (hey, resolution mindset!) but to maintain momentum and finish strong as well.

It's easy to get caught up in the active chatter of the community. There's a constant stream of posts and comments all day. It's overwhelming not just from the sheer volume, but from hearing what everyone else is doing & experiencing in this Challenge. Don't get me wrong - the support and resource/recipe-sharing is amazing, but it can also open the door for unnecessary comparison.

Don't let those food pics, fancy cooking contraptions and workout check-ins from others throw you off your game, ladies. Stay focused on your own goals and reasons for doing this! 

We're all starting from different points in nutrition savvy, cooking skillz, physical strength and current state of life. It's just noise if it's not benefiting you in a positive way. My theme of simplifying rings loud and clear to me during this Challenge. I'm trying not to spend as much time online and on social media, and I've found it's more enriching to me to only check in on that group a couple of times a day.

Week two will be our hardest week of all. Looking forward to it!