What Would Beyonce Do?

Hi! Sorry for the radio silence this week. It's been a packed seven days and because I hate saying I'm too busy - let's just say I'm exhausted!

Self-care is so important when you decide to steer your lifestyle towards more healthy, fit, balanced ways. Yet, it's sometimes the first and easiest thing we put aside when things get hectic - even though that's when we need it the most!

Capitol Hill Block Party kicked off a solid week of 'going hard' - Block Party all weekend, photo shoot for Moda & Estilo all day Monday, in the non-profit office all day Tuesday - Thursday, and seeing my Queen Beyonce live on Wednesday night. Cap off every single one of those days with a 6:00a.m. workout, and needless to say, I've been looking forward to a meeting-free, event-free Friday.

Block Party fun! Show Me Your Mumu dress / Rabeanco crossbody bag / Volcom sandals

A sneak peek at my Moda & Estilo photo shoot.

Health & fitness commitment's hard. It takes time, and it's something we have to practice constantly for it to work. Fall off, get back on & keep it moving. Come back to it no matter how far you stray. That means when you come home at 1:00a.m. from the Beyonce concert, you somehow summon all the strength to get your ass out of bed in time for those 6:00a.m. tabata sprints. That means that, in the middle of your third round of epic cardio, you call all the saints and ask "WHAT WOULD BEYONCE DO? HELP ME B I CAN'T GO ON!" Maybe you start hallucinating, and you see Beyonce apparitions who tell you she'd get up for a 6:00a.m. workout after her show too. And then somehow, four rounds of epic cardio are behind you.

I had trouble sleeping all week (probably from my excitement about the Beyonce show), but I took the struggle bus to class every morning. The struggle bus also powered me through my days somehow, then got me through making dinner, stretched/foam rolled and into bed every night. I might not have liked it in the moment, but I like how I feel knowing I got all that done; how high my energy levels are; how my arms & legs look; & watching my muffin tops melt away a little more every day.

Beyonce 'fit! No complaints 'bout my body...

Lululemon Noir collection bra / Premonition skirt / Report wedge sandals

My bests & I heading to the On the Run show

We're halfway through the intensive and almost done with 33 to Glow. I've seen a lot of progress in the last three weeks and am committed to powering through 'til the end!