Intensive + 33 to Glow Kickoff

Hi! Hope you're enjoying some beautiful summer weekends! I sure am, which partly means some much-needed time offline and away from the computer. Health & fitness still rule everything around me - my fridge is always stocked, my shopping budget is decidedly heavier at places that sell cute yoga pants and sports bras, and I love working out.

It's the first day of two programs I'm doing: '33 to Glow' food protocol and an 8-week intensive focused on some customized workouts and nutrition attention to bring serious change to my body. 

I'm more committed to this intensive than I've ever been with any program, and 33 to Glow is the perfect way to kick things off. In short, we're looking at 33 days on a grain-, dairy-, soy- & legume-free lifestyle, after which the girls who are doing the intensive will continue on their custom workout & food protocol.

I've devoured the program guide, meal planned, Pinterest & Pocket-ed some recipes, grocery shopped, bought supplements, meal prepped, put all workouts & important dates on my calendar, saved/subscribed all the articles/blogs, and set the shh out of some goals to read & research more on how food & fitness affect my body, and for better self-care. I even took screenshots of what I can/can't have during each phase of 33 to Glow and have Phase I as the wallpaper on my phone, so I can consult that list whenever I need to. I AM NOT PLAYIN! 

We didn't have this last year and when I did the candida detox in August I felt really alone aside from Jenn's unyielding support. While the community is so amazing and supportive, doing that detox last year showed me that when it comes down to it, it always comes back to how committed you are to seeing things through. Not because she's doing it too and that's what you want. Not even b/c it's what your coach wants.

How loyal are you to your goals? 

I'm so excited to share this journey with you. Prepare for Friday posts of ups, downs, struggles, successes, and probably some forlorn craving for rice and chocolate bar donuts. 

OH & FYI this is my theme song for this intensive. It was my theme song last year and, well, it worked so I'm bringing it back. Also I imagine Ciara already looks like this again even though she just had a baby: