Summer Style Refresh w/Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee (Sponsored)

Summer's right around the corner! We've been getting teases of sunshine and 80-degree weather already, and I can't wait until my day-to-day wardrobe consists mostly of shorts, tanks, light layers and flowy fabrics. This year, I've made a resolution of sorts to really cut down on clutter - including what's in my closet. While I'll mix new staples and finds in for the current and upcoming season, I try to do regular closet cleanses and donate or Poshmark things I don't need. With warmer weather approaching, it's time for another wardrobe refresh. Here are some of my favorite tips on how to edit, add and remix your closet:

Keep it real

I'm a big fan of the rule, "If you haven't worn it in over a year, it's got to go." If you're holding onto something with the hopes of one day fitting it again (but you haven't in years), let it go like Frozen. I picked up a great tip a few years ago to flip a hanger around if you wear the piece of clothing that goes on it. After six months, those whose hangers haven't been flipped are up for review (to keep or toss.) I still have a hard time parting with pieces that bring nostalgia and nothing else; keeping it real with myself has made it a lot easier to begrudgingly break up with the tangibles of old memories.

Play dress up

Probably the best part of closet cleansing is trying on all the stuff you want to keep! I always have a lot of fun creating new outfit combinations or trying out new trends by mixing together what I've already got in my closet. Sometimes the things you haven't worn in awhile have to go, and other times they just need a good dress-up session to bring it back into your current rotation.

Dolce Vita jumpsuit /  Zara strappy stilettos / earrings from Moksha / denim jacket from Urban Outfitters (old)

Incorporate statement pieces wisely

A lot of my wardrobe is neutral so I can layer up, but I'll take liberties in statement pieces to create different looks. I love vintage, estate sale and sample sale shopping for standout outerwear, and for summer I love bringing in lightweight fabrics in prints and patterns. I love a good romper and jumpsuit when I can find them!

Take care of your basics

If you're anything like me, you live in tanks, tees and other glorious cotton comforts that go with everything. Over time, I've learned that it can be worth it to indulge a bit in a higher-quality tank or tee that will last for ages. I also can't resist a good deal, so I'll also buy more affordable basics in multiple colors, then restock on ones I've worn holes or tears into.


When you don't want to spend too much updating your wardrobe for the season, the quickest way to refresh is in accessories! Winter's all about scarves, while summer is solely for stocking up on sunnies. Accessories are also a great way to explore trends for the season; I snagged a bunch of trendy cat eye and mirrored sunglasses in a recent sale.

Happy summer style refresh y'all! Special shoutout to Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee for fueling my recent closet cleanses and subsequent shopping sessions.

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