Fitness Fresh: A Different Kind of Birthday Party

Every year, I tell myself I won't do anything for my birthday. Come April, I've embraced my extroverted nature and done everything in my power to see everyone I can for my birthday. Which is funny in itself, because I was so quiet growing up I would never have pegged myself as an extrovert. The truth is, I love being around people, and if we're having fun together, then that's an obvious plus.

Zumba birthday party in the beautiful Century Ballroom.

With fitness a top priority in my life the past couple of years, the people I spend the most time with nowadays love working out and eating right. We're definitely not gym bros or fad workout kinda peeps, and we work this fitness and health stuff into an otherwise normal lifestyle. I love the fitness communities I'm a part of. So in addition to family brunch, dinner with my boyfriend and a night with my girls, this year I had the opportunity to host some birthday workout parties with each of these communities. Needless to say, this might've been the best birthday yet.

Our amazing instructors! Mary Ann Carpenter, Paula Aio, and Gina Queddeng

In regards to my birthday workout parties, people have said things to the effect of "How fun! Such a different, unique idea." Those comments always make me pause. Are they really that different or unique? They're basically some things I do on a regular basis, only with champagne, cupcakes and tutus this time. Ha! 

Paula did all this & even made me a birthday tutu! Koral Activewear novelty bra (peep the back in the next pic!)/ Nike Dri-Fit Epic Capri / Nike Flyknit Lunar (new version)

Then I thought about how a typical girl's birthday celebration goes down. Get a brand new outfit, maybe some sequins, new heels and a pair of lashes; get dolled up with some girlfriends, hair & makeup pristine for maybe three hours; have dinner; go out to da club; drink shots & dance; blow out candles on a cake you can't remember if you actually ate or not; feel like crap the next day; get some pho and high-five yourself for another successful birthday. 

I've definitely had my fair share of those parties, and who knows if there might be more in store for the future? All I know now is that at 31, none of that makes any sense relating to my everyday life anymore. I work for myself, so I don't shop or wear makeup nearly as much as I used to. I've cut down a lot on alcohol, and me at the clubs nowadays is like seeing a unicorn up on the dance floor. I hate feeling hungover and in your thirties, that feeling can last for days. So gross and unproductive.

Booty Werk - T-Pain

Lose Yourself - Major Lazer

What I do love is green smoothies (among eating other things that are healthy, and some not-so-healthy. Alright. Maybe I just love eating.) I also love working out. So that's what I did. These opportunities came to me, and I opened them up not just to close friends and family, but anyone who wanted to come get a good sweat on. If that's 'different', then maybe I just revel in the fact nobody used the word 'typical.' 

WE DIFFERENT (this & all previous photos credit Mike Adams Photography)

One more thing. These parties were so amazing, I'd love to do them more in the future. Would you be into it? What kinds of sports/activities would you want to see? I have no idea how these would come together with my schedule and need to make money, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Let me know what you think!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate with me! Look at this amazing group!