#100ThingsICRAVE: Body / My Health + Fitness CRAVEings

Continuing on the #100ThingsICRAVE series with one of the most important things to me - my body!

Keeping active and eating well has been a priority for me the last year and a half. When it came to filling out the 'health & fitness' portion of 100 Things I CRAVE, I came up with a whole list almost immediately. I love working out and trying different things to stay active. My boyfriend is still giving me googly eyes to get me to come to a Crossfit workout with him :) My best friend Paula and I want to get into some paddleboard yoga as soon as it gets warm. As far as the 'eating well' part goes, I'm still a work in progress, but I'm learning every day.

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#100ThingsICRAVE is an exercise we did at the Urban Campout retreat. While thinking of 100 things you CRAVE might sound daunting, it's really not that hard once you break it down into categories. In today's CRAVE newsletter, I'm sharing the things I CRAVE in personal style and fashion. Later on, you'll see my CRAVEings in health/wellness, connections and indulgences.

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Thanks for having me CRAVE! Super honored to be part of this community and sharing my CRAVEs with all of you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or tweet me!