Travel Style Essentials w/Emilee Goo

Currently I am in the midst of my study abroad program and so naturally I thought I'd gather a few of my notes on packing light. It has been about six weeks of traveling throughout Europe and I'll be hear for a total of three months. I purposefully under-packed with the intention of buying gifts and other apparel to bring home. As I have traveled from different parts of Europe, the weather has changed so it's essential to utilize my keen ways of layering that I have mastered from living in Seattle. 


I made sure to bring three essentials: THE RAIN JACKET (had to), THE LEATHER JACKET (for casual day time and night) and THE DENIM JACKET. Also lug your sweaters... I brought a cashmere sweater to layer with and a H&M lightweight v-neck for those sunny breezier days. jacket SHOES: one pair of flats, slippers/flip flops, sandals, sneakers like my high-top chucks and a nice leather boot like my Fryes (above). I mistakenly forgot my plain cream flats and I wished I brought them to spice up my outfits for a casual look strolling about town. Also if you plan to exercise, don't forget your runners. Lots of people also recommend bringing a pair of BIRKENSTOCKS or worn-in RAINBOWS of some sort.


Obviously, you have to pack a pair or two of your must-have jeans and yoga pants, which are not only a necessity but super versatile. I recommend bringing your favorite pair that you know and love; that won't falter with any outfit. I chose a black GAP yoga pant, a light blue high-waisted CAR MAR skinny and finally broke down and bought a pair of dark blue washed skinnies at ZARA in Roma. My one mistake was not bringing a solid, dependable blue skinny jean, but oh well, it was an excuse to make a sneaky purchase. Instead of bringing more dresses than I needed, I decided to also pack my F21 black maxi skirt, which can be worn with all sorts of tops and made to even look like a maxi dress. ; ) Lastly, bring a pair of shorts. Last minute, I decided to dunk my BDG dark washed jean shorts, LULULEMON running shorts and a pair of BRANDY MELVILLE black dolphin shorts for those hotter days and saucy nights. bottoms


I honestly recommend bringing as many dresses as you desire because they're the easiest to walk around in, they don't take much room in your suitcase and you always look super fab! Whether the occasion is to trek up to Sacre Coeur, walk to the farmer's market or have a night on the town, dresses go well with it all. Personally, I brought my maxi skirt and my BRANDY MELVILLE light-blue, lightweight dress to run around in; though, I wish I brought MORE.


Especially when traveling through foreign places, I'm constantly being paranoid and cautious of my surroundings so I brought my REBECCA MINKOFF MAC bag. It's fashionable, fits more than you think, has a zipper and can be worn as a cross-body or off your shoulder. The second bag I recommend is to find a larger, lightweight like a LONGCHAMP because it's nice to have a larger luggage to dump all the things you've collected along the day or if you need to carry your picnic lunch to and fro. And if you must, bring a backpack for those day trips or going to/from school, etc. I brought a lightweight backpack that can compactly fold into itself (found it in the Urban Outfitter sale).


Bring the basics: tank, t-shirts, long sleeves and a few for going out. Also I enjoy a nice plaid. 

Lastly, LIVE IT UP! Life can't get any better than having an opportunity to travel abroad. Say YES to all things that come your way [with in reason]. #YOLO


Emilee Goo is an aspiring creator and adventurer living in Seattle, WA. She's currently a senior at the University of Washington double-majoring in communications and interdisciplinary visual arts. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but is Seattle-grown and Hawaiian at heart. She has had past experience working with Nectar Communications, State Farm Insurance, TEDxUofW, UW PRSSA and BSSP. She is a fashion enthusiast thriving on travel, food, culture, art and photography. She loves to blog ever since she discovered blogging with a friend during her high school years, and is now introduced to a whole new world filled with creative people. She loves sharing her interests over at her own blog, Life of Goobers.

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