Fresh Style: Coast to Coastal

As I write this blog post, I'm home after a breathtakingly beautiful wedding of my dear friend and Fresh Jess brand director, Byron Gronseth. It was a night surrounded by a few of my favorite souls, and one invitee - and integral part of the Fresh Jess team - photographer Sarah Lovrien was at home accepting an award for her work. Witnessing the celebrations of the labors of two of my favorite people - labors of love and hard work - last night have left me thinking about what this is all about. This life of friendships and success on our own terms. 

I feel very strongly about keeping only the people who uplift you in your life, and I also firmly believe in manifest destiny. We attract people through the energy we put out there. People who live a life of purpose, with goals and the will to focus on those goals, and with a sense of giving back however they can are the ones who truly catch my eye. Sarah Lovrien might make me look fly, but her passion, fire and commitment to her craft and to herself - challenge a better version of herself every day - inspire me and others in ways she might not be aware of. As she takes the time to honor her recognition from CreativeLIVE, I want to let her know that she inspires me to be a better version of myself too. Through her lens, I have seen myself in ways I'd never really imagined, and she's enabled me to literally take my outfit photos and editorial visions for Fresh Jess to another level. Thank you!

One more note: Coastal is among my favorite boutiques in Seattle, and one I'm proud to have shopped and supported probably its entire existence. I am a big fan of surf and skate brands like Roxy/Quiksilver, Volcom, Billabong, Gentle Fawn and Seattle-based Casual Industrees, and Coastal pretty much corners the boutique market for brands like that here in Seattle. Check them out on Alki!

Vintage Levi's denim jacket (similar) / Anthropologie flower print bustier / Black vegan leather asymmetrical skirt via Poshmark / Zara strappy heels / Necklace gifted from my aunt, found in the Philippines! / Nike FuelBand cuz I gotta stay fit