A #KINDawesome Time at The Color Run Seattle 2013

What better way to get fit & fresh on a Sunday than "The Happiest 5k on the Planet?

KIND Snacks invited me to be one of their #KINDawesome correspondents at The Color Run Seattle on Sunday, and what an experience it was. While the Run is more about having a blast while getting blasted with color than any measure of athleticism, I still got a great workout in. I also met some great people and we made quite the fashion statement all over Seattle Center and downtown. It was my first time doing a 5k for real (I'd actually done PAWSwalk a couple of times, but we never walk the full route b/c we'd always had a bulldog with us!) Here's how it went!

How many 5ks you know have a whole weekend check-in party before it even starts?

The Color Run took over the Seattle Center Pavilion on Friday and Saturday so we could pick up our packets early. Music blasting, tutu-buying, and packet passing all around.

It was a cloudy but humid Seattle Sunday morning. Perfect weather for a run!

Hangin' with the KIND team before lining up for the race:

Prepping for the afterparty:

Got my sunnies on, headphones in, Spotify playlist of songs I'm currently obsessed with on repeat, and iPhone securely tucked away.

Here we go!

To be honest, I wanted to take photos during the race but after getting blasted in the first Color Zone, decided it was against my better judgment to do so. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering: there are four Color Zones during the Run, where teams of Color Run volunteers are ready to blast you with color. Never fear, though - it's just corn starch in squirt bottles, so no harm done to your physical or emotional well-being :)

This was right after I'd finished the Run.

I've got a good amount of color all over me, but can use some more....

After the Run, everyone congregated back in the main staging area for a giant party. Every 10 minutes or so, the party turned into a Color Throw session, where we'd throw even more color into the air and all over each other!


Finished product. Lookin' like the human version of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" video!

Ever so grateful to KIND for giving me this opportunity!

One for the road :)

Peep all my photos on the Fresh Jess Facebook page. If you're looking for an easy segue into the world of 5ks, or one to do with family or friends, I'd definitely recommend signing up for The Color Run. Head over to TheColorRun.com and sign up for their email list to see when they'll be in your town next - they sell out real fast! Thanks again, KIND!