Spicing Up My Workouts (Sponsored)

Last week I gave you a peek into my fitness life, and how I struggle with incorporating it into my nutty schedule. I am the classic case of "too busy/tired/cold/lazy to work out." Lately, the phrase "If you're too busy/tired/cold/lazy to work out, that's when you need it the most." My body craves it and I know it!

This year, I've made it a top priority to not only work out on a regular basis, but to switch things up and add some spice and variety too. These are just a few of the zesty ways I've been working on physical fitness:

Zumba is my new favorite workout by far. I might be biased, because my best friend Paula teaches and hers are the only classes I go to. I was a little skeptical at first, and she'd spent months suggesting I check out her class sometime. When I did, Paula's music selection, variety of dance styles (salsa, reggae, hula, hip-hop, bachata & merengue just to name a few) and choreography totally won me over. It's basically like a night out dancing with my best friend, except in a gym during the day. I never thought I'd enjoy Zumba as much as I do. Instead of 'checking it out once,' I'm working my way to regular status quickly!

AlixRose, Paula and I after Alix & my first-ever Zumba class!

I'm not really a marathon person (yet? You never know!) so I have to really be down for the cause to participate in one.

The Big Climb last month was one whose cause I absolutely support (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) and was a terrifying yet exciting physical challenge. Climbing 69 flights of stairs in the name of fighting cancer? I can do it. It is nothing compared to my cousin's fight against cancer. Being my first year, I did the untimed climb but still ended up reaching the summit in about 20 minutes. I was cool for the first, maybe, 15 flights, then all of a sudden my legs turned to bags of bricks and it became a lot harder to breathe with each flight. By the 50th flight, my mind was in a dark place and the only thing keeping me going was my cousin's face and the number of the next flight up. Then just as quickly as I'd started, it was over. It was a wonderful bonding experience with my family and I can't wait to do it again next year.

I hate running.

There I said it. It sucks but it's a necessity, and sometimes what your body craves is some alone time amongst the beauty of Mother Nature. We are incredibly lucky in Seattle to have no shortage of natural beauty, but I like to be near the water when I'm going for a run. Now that it's a little nicer out, I've been lacing my Nike Frees up and taking to a couple of my favorite places - Alki Beach and Greenlake. Just me, my music and some terrific scenery on a little run.

Looking east towards downtown Seattle from Alki Beach. Can you spot the Space Needle?

Serenity at Greenlake

I have a running list of different activities going and am adding your suggestions, comments and tweets to it. If you have a workout you really enjoy, let me know! I'd love to try it.

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