An Uber 30Fresh Giveaway!

It's my birthday month but YOU are getting presents!


In the spirit of 30Fresh, the kind folks at Uber have graciously given me ten $30 Uber credits to give away. According to my texts, FourSquare check-ins and bank statements, Uber is a very big part of my life. For the past year and a half or so, they've been responsible for getting me and many of my fellow Seattleites to meetings, events, flights, nights out and everything else in our busy schedules.

So much Uber swag in my life. Next up, polar fleece pajama pants

Haven't used Uber yet? It's easy. Download the app, request a private driver (in a black car, SUV or as of this month, UberX hybrid car) to your exact location & tell 'em where to go. You can follow the driver's route to you and while you're in the car on your phone, and all of the money transaction takes place in the app, so no need to get cash or search for your card.

'Sup UberX

Living downtown means there are a lot of places where it doesn't quite make sense to drive, but the weather is too crappy to walk (unless you want to show up to your next meeting lookin' a hot mess.) The cabs here are grossly unreliable with even more unsavory customer service all around. I gladly pay a little bit extra to know I'm getting somewhere safe, dry and on time by a nice, friendly driver.  Showing up in a towncar is a nice little perk too :)

Flexin' in an Uber SUV on the way to the airport

Enjoy these perks too! Enter to win one of these ten $30 credits by: (each action equals one entry)

  1. Tweet me:  Tweet #30Fresh!
  2. Liking Fresh Jess and Uber on Facebook
  3. Following me on Pinterest
  4. Leave me a comment below

I'll draw a winner this Friday, April 26th (my actual bday) at 5:00p.m. PST.

Good luck!

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