Game Changer: Elhana Healing

So far, this year has been a big one for transformation of mind, body and soul. Maybe it's because I am turning the big 3-0. Maybe it's because I yearn for what many of us do - focus & clarity. By a series of happenstance, three ladies have been instrumental in helping me on that journey. I am supremely grateful my world includes such compassionate women who are stunningly beautiful inside and out. I don't know that I can ever thank them enough for enriching my life, but I can forever try. Thank you for changing the game for me for the better!

The first game changer I'd like to introduce you is Rachel and Elhana Healing.

Rachel and I met through mutual friends and social media. Life brought bikram yoga into her life, and eventually led her to explore reiki healing. For those who aren't familiar, reiki healing helps move and balance energy, removing blocks and restoring your inner well-being. After exploring it for herself, Rachel decide to share her knowledge with the world, starting with a small workshop for a few ladies she knew. I immediately jumped at the chance to take it.

The past couple of years have been quite the ride for me. Through many situations and circumstances good and bad, I got to a place in my life where it always felt like there was a fog in my head. It was hard to focus and even more difficult to keep my goals in sight. At my worst, I'd seek out distractions from the self-care and responsibilities I should have been focused on.

Rachel's 6-week workshop really helped me understand how our quieting our body and mind can really restore all of that within me. I am not just saying that because she said my spirit guide reminded her of Beyonce, but Filipino and older. :) Through meditation, various exercises and a deep-dive into each of our seven chakras, I've really learned how tuning into my self can really bring some focus and clarity back in my life. The workshop sometimes made us confront things we'd gotten used to not addressing - harboring negative energy and the art of forgiveness for starters. I feel like our time together was way too short, but Rachel's workshop really gave me the insight I need to take control when too much noise, chaos and overall 'busyness' tries to dominate my life. We are all busy, but we also have the power to make sure we don't lose ourselves.

Rachel is starting Friday healing sessions on an individual basis this month. Email her at if you'd like to explore some reiki healing for yourself!

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