Fresh Jess at Lucky FABB West 2013!

I'm in L.A. for the next couple of days for my third Lucky FABB conference! 

A year ago this month, I was fresh into my freelance life when I attended this conference for the first time. With so many tumultuous thoughts on my life and career floating around in my head at the time, I decided to head to Santa Monica with a clear mind. 

No live-tweeting, no incessantly checking work email, no client fires I'd have to put out during a talk, no uncomfortable drinking with co-workers I'd otherwise never share a drink with. I would absorb Lucky FABB for what it was, and just soak up every moment. 

And it was wonderful. I can't tell you the last time I'd attended a conference and truly just enjoyed it. For being there at such a crucial turning point in my life, Lucky FABB will always have a special place in my heart. I'm looking forward to another round of excellent speaking panels and keynotes, workshops and parties!

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