Resolution Challenge: The Illusion of Balance

It's been awhile since my last Resolution Challenge post! We are in Phase 4: Lifestyle now, focused on incorporating everything we've learned in the past month into our "normal" lives. Jenn Jordan has turned my world upside down in the greatest way these last few weeks. She's filled my life with a diversity of healthy foods I find tasty and filling; put me in the kitchen voluntarily preparing healthy meals for myself and my (very happy) boyfriend; got me back in the gym with regular but different workouts; and most of all, pumped my brain with new ways of looking at eating, grocery shopping, making food choices, workouts and how all of this affects my body and mind.

Image via Pinterest

The biggest lesson of this phase in the Resolution Challenge is learning how to balance it all. It is not easy to eat healthy, work out at least once, go to work, blog and do all of the other things I need to do in any given day. During this Challenge, I've gone out of town a couple of times, had a few big deliverables for my clients, spoke on a panel talk and attended a few events for my blog. The last thing I want to do on a busy day is get home and make dinner. I'm not a morning person, so I've had to figure in time for working out at night too. I also need to get my sleep in every night, and am not one to sacrifice that for the illusion of getting more done. I am not at my best when I don't get enough sleep!

It's tough to stay on top of it all, but I am absolutely committed to seeing this Resolution Challenge to the finish line and working all of these things into my life. I have to. I've made health, wellness & fitness priorities this year. I am also learning how to be okay with not doing everything I need to in a day. I just do all that I can, and stay rooted to what my goals and priorities are.

It's amazing how commitment and persistence can make for the perfect cocktail of motivation. On my busiest days, it's my strongest supporter in trudging through the day.

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