Fresh Jess & AlixRose Hangout on Air with Google+ (updated)

UPDATED 5/2/12:

They say you should try one new thing every day. Last night, I did two things I've never done before: a live DIY demonstration, and hosted a Google+ Hangout on Air

When Google asked  AlixRose and I to host a Hangout on Air, I jumped at the chance but was still a bit nervous. I don't do much video, but have always wanted to incorporate more into my blog posts. Hosting this Hangout on Air made it much more approachable to me. We asked a few of our friends to join us in a DIY Hangout Circle, then planned to broadcast at 7:00p.m. last night. Half an hour flew by, with two quick & easy DIY projects inspired by one of Alix's recent blog posts mixed in with some conversation on summer trends and our friends' DIY experience.

Most people have a Google+ profile but haven't done much with it since signing up. I'm one of those people! After using G+ (and Hangouts especially), I've found it's a great way to keep in touch with groups of people and the general public as a whole. For my blog, it's an easy way to share my posts and host small video chats with friends and readers.

Jen Joyce says that the Uber community managers in each city use it for their weekly meetings, and another friend, Carrie, is excited to use it to keep in touch with all of us (we've got one girlfriend in Vegas, New York and Nairobi, Kenya!)

Visit my Google+ page and add me to a circle! Alix and I had such a fun time with Hangouts and are definitely open to doing another one again in the future.

Thanks Google for inviting us to do this; to Sara for letting us use SPUN Sustainable Collective as our space to Hangout, and to our participants: AlysonCarrieEmilyJenJillian & Steve!