Fresh Faves: TwinSistr Vintage

Sometimes the very best vintage shopping experiences are fleeting moments you stumble upon. In Seattle, one of the most beautiful of those moments is TwinSistr vintage. I first met Maria at BadWill Market, and since then have seen her at various other Capitol Hill flea markets, including Comet Tavern's, that empty space between Big Mario's Pizza & Caffe Vita, and her own monthly art showcase & market, ArtAche at the Vermillion. She's totally sweet and everything she sells is reasonably priced. While my girl Dana's Sustalux finds are in designer and eras before 1980, Maria fills in the gap with carefully chosen pieces from the last couple of decades. She's responsible for my Kelly Kapowski dresssweet raincoat and a good portion of the rest of my current wardrobe favorites.

Take a look at one of her latest photoshoots, with photographer Anastasia Kiryanova. These amazing shots were styled by TwinSistr & feature some Capitol Hill hotspots:

The beautiful Maria of TwinSistr!

I loved all of Anastasia & Maria's photos so much, it was so hard to decide which ones to post - so I posted the full set on the FreshJess Facebook page! Head over there to see them all.