Fresh Eats: BOKA Kitchen + Bar featuring The Mix List

Last week, I was invited to BOKA Kitchen + Bar's tasting for The Mix List, the restaurant's new menu of fine, handcrafted cocktails by six of its talented bartenders. While most Seattleites might look at BOKA as just the bar for Hotel 1000, the restaurant actually boasts a great American menu, with brunch, happy hour and an extensive Northwest-focused wine list. Signature to BOKA are its delicious truffle fries - which you can get for free if you check in on FourSquare!

The Mix List is a seasonal list, spearheaded by BOKA's bar manager and Seattle mixologist Mi-Suk Ahn. Mi-Suk and team delivered with six of the tastiest, unique fall/winter drinks I've ever had!  Just like we adjust our wardrobes for the colder weather, now we can easily adjust our cocktail preferences with The Mix List. Photos and more info on the drinks below:

Mi-Suk Ahn, BOKA's lead bartender, tells us about her handcrafted, aged whiskey

Le Foret ($10, by Mike)

Thyme-infused vodka, porcini stock, truffle salted rim, Manchego cheese garnish

"Le Foret is inspired by my favorite dish to cook in the fall: porcini-thyme polenta. I love the inimitable aroma of porcini mushrooms, which conjures up the imagery of a deep, wooded forest."

Leaf Erikson ($10, by Michael)

Ketel One vodka, Campari, Grand Marnier, topped w/sparkling wine & orange twist garnish

"The Leaf Erikson was inspired by a popular 1940s cocktail called The Viking. I took the original recipe and put my own luxury twist on it, topped with champagne. The champagne adds an effervescent note keeping with the change of the seasons."

Probably one of my favorite drinks of the night: The Grand Luxe

The Grand Luxe ($12, by Brittany)

Anniversario, Luxardo, Aperol, cherry bitters, strained & garnished with cherries

"Aged rums are the new bourbon & Pampero Anniversario rum is one of my favorites. Named after Hotel 1000's guest rooms, The Grand Luxe is a twist on a Manhattan emphasizing the depth & richness that I associate with the cool, drizzly weather of fall in Seattle."

Winter Rye ($9, by Brittany & mixed by Mi-Suk)

Rye whiskey, maple syrup infused with spice, topped with apple cider & cinnamon garnish

"Inspired by a cozy evening by the fireplace, this cocktail is infused with winter spices and topped with sparkling apple cider to make it crisp, just like the weather in Seattle during the fall. This drink, to me, incorporates the feeling of fall through its color, smell & taste."

This one was my favorite. Can you tell?

Not pictured:

The Benchmark ($10, by Taylor)

Brandy, Cointreau, maraschino liquor, lime juice, topped w/champagne & orange twist garnish

"In the early days of bartending, people looked to the fine hotel bars in New York and Chicago to find the best cocktail creations. Elegant & sophisticated, The Benchmark is mixed to capture the essence of Hotel 1000 & BOKA."

D-Licious ($10, by Dustin)

Beefeater gin, Dubonnet, orange juice, orange twist garnish

"Cocktail recipes do not have to be complex to achieve complex flavor. This is a simple, three-ingredient drink mixing quality liquor and fresh juice for an excellent combination that's both light and refreshing."


The Mix List is now available with a sweet tasting passport. Check it out today!

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