Pottermore & The Deathly Hallows pt. 2 trailer 2

Can we talk about this right now? Actually, let's not. Let's just watch this trailer and SQUEEZE EACH OTHER WITH EXCITEMENT

I can't believe this is the last trailer. I'm sad but at the same time Daniel Radcliffe & Emma Watson are like mid-twenties right now. I'm sure they're ready to put this project to bed and move onto different things. In any case, July 15th can't come soon enough. In related news, sometimes I hate that I'm so busy. You know why? Because then a sista misses out on opening night tickets at the IMAX and has to wait til opening weekend to see it! Booooo

J.K. Rowling upped the frenzy tenfold last week with the release of this teaser video for Pottermore. What the hell is Pottermore? I'm not sure either but it promises to be amazing, with unreleased content and crowdsourced ideas for making the Potter universe even more multi-dimensional than it already is. Whatever form this happens to take - social network, e-books, what have you - Pottermore will definitely keep the mania alive for quite some time after this last movie. So sorry to all of you who have never had the sheer joy of reading the series. Us Potter freaks aren't going anywhere!