Kelly Cutrone's Normal Gets You Nowhere

After reading People's Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone's "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside," I was hooked and inspired by Kelly's no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style. I'd been anticipating her next book ever since, and was delighted I only had to wait for about a year for another read full of Kelly's words of wisdom.

In "Normal Gets You Nowhere," Kelly takes readers beyond the PR world and shares her thoughts on much deeper, personal topics. Sex, religion, family, friendships, holidays, relationships - you name it, Kelly shares her opinion on it in this book. All of this translates into real, honest advice for ladies like me. Kelly really strives to instill positive, confident thinking for women who strive for personal and professional success. If anything, she encourages us to break the mold of conventional beliefs and intelligently decide what's important in our lives.

Just like with the many power girls I like to cover on Fresh Jess, I draw inspiration from Kelly's fearlessness, confidence and will. She tells her story from a truly honest vantage point of wanting to help women succeed in business and life. This book must be like mentoring the masses to her! I appreciated learning many of her stalwart beliefs, shaped through years of experiences. I hesitate to use the words 'success' and 'failure' when summing up her storytelling style, because every experience she's had has taught her valuable lessons about who she is.

I only wish us ladies had more power figures like Kelly to learn from!

Check out her trailer below (she's unorthodox in every way, shape and thought - even in marketing her book!)