Fresh Faves: In God We Trust

While AlixRose and I were on one of our many excursions exploring the streets of NYC, we came across the Ludlow outpost of In God We Trust, a jewelry and clothing line born and bred in the Big Apple. I first saw IGWT's witty little heart necklaces on The Covet Shop, with such sweet nothings as "Let's Make Out", "Lucky Bitch", "Really Fuckin' Cute" and "Sweet Tits" engraved upon them. I was really excited to discover not only that they had stores all over the city, but that they carried so much more than just great necklaces.

Made in Brooklyn, New York, designer Shana Tabor uses raw metals to create a antique feel to her line of jewelry. She's also got rings, bracelets, flasks, lighters, biz card holders and more, not to mention a few clothing pieces for men and women. Check out her online shop at Refinery 29 here.

This little gem came home with me:

And I wouldn't mind getting this for my birthday :)