for the girl who has everything (on her): the Ramsay Rock Tote

debuting the Ramsay Rock Tote at SXSW in Austin. rockin

i have always been the kinda girl who carries every possible thing she can in her purse, and then some. who knows when i'll get home after leaving the house, where i'll go and what i'll need when i'm there? i am a "need to be prepared" kinda girl, you know? and the dawning of the digital era has made it so that every bag lady now has an extra few lbs to haul around via laptop, smartphone, Kindle, iPad, what have you.

needless to say, i have always gravitated towards the biggest totes i could find. i mean, the most gigantic, olsen twin-style bags i could find. i am a power girl on the go and i need my bag to house everything i need to succeed. luckily, Handbag Heaven has fulfilled my needs by blessing me with the Ramsay Rock Tote.

the Ramsay Rock Tote is amazing. i'm really picky when finding a bag that fits both my needs & my style & this tote hits the mark on both points. it's incredibly roomy, has great pockets to fit the small stuff, handles and a longer strap in case i want to throw it over my shoulder or across my frame. the gold, grey & silver stud detail are icing on the cake for me, in a "don't mess with me" icing way :)

thanks to Handbag Heaven for giving a bag lady what she wants & needs!

a peek into my life, clockwise from top left:

Ramsay Rock Tote, $77.99 (+ 15% off w/code SPRING2010)

Paper calendar...because I can't put my whole life online :)

Various cordage

Cole Haan purse (the little bag that holds the littler stuff)



My escape from reality (iPod)

Laptop w/inCase sleeve