Happy Father's Day from Emma Eekhoff!

I wanted to wish my dad a happy father’s day, and give thanks for all the meaningful time he has spent with me.

Emma Eekhoff Father's Day

I remember driving home in the pitch darkness of 2am from Sol’s April show with my dad. I recall him reaching over and turning down the Pink Floyd song we were listening to and saying, “Well, I thought when we went to Chance The Rapper that was going to be our last outing like this.  I’m happy we went and did this again, but I keep thinking it’s going to be our last time.” It was a bittersweet realization that outings like this with his daughter wouldn’t be the same.

Ever since the 8th grade my dad and I would make monthly trips to Seattle for hip-hop shows. At first it seemed that it was just a thing my dad did to keep an eye on me, but it turned into quality time that we both enjoyed. I will always remember the different seasons of life by which concert we went to and all the weird coffee shops we visited in Seattle before the shows.

Other parents differ from mine because my parents recognize the uniqueness of every moment with their kids, they don’t say “no” an event because it doesn’t interest them, they say “yes” to it because it’s time that they get to spend with their kids. As we’re about to fly the coop, they’ll take any opportunity they can to spend it with my brother and I.


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