Coolin at Coachella

In April, my year of travel brought me to Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the world. If you haven't been, I highly recommend you make the trek to Palm Springs at least once if you're a big music & art fan. Even though I was only familiar with a handful of the musical acts that performed, I had a great time and went home with a bunch of new artists to add to my iPod.

So Coachella takes place in the middle of the California desert. This means 100-degree weather even in mid-late April. My style plan for this festival was all about staying comfortable and cool under that desert sun.

I've been making very real efforts not just to incorporate more color in my wardrobe, but to try colors, cuts, combos and patterns I hadn't before. Day 1 at Coachella spoke to all of that: neon yellow cropped tee & nails, high-waisted cutoff denim shorts, big floppy hat and vibrant royal blue sandals.

"Yellow rims, yellow MPs, yellow watch, yellow charm, ring, chain..."

H&M neon yellow cropped tee

Vintage sunnies & anchor necklace (Sustalux)

TopShop Moto high-waisted denim cutoff shorts

Royal blue ruched sandals (Urban Outfitters)

By the time Day 2 came around, I'd already given up on cute hair, opting for the perennial hipster bun on top of my head :) Water, shade and frozen lemonade had become our best friends, and Jennine from The Coveted took some time away from covering style for H&M to go on a ferris wheel ride with us!

With Jennine after Erykah Badu's set

White button-down shirt fr somewhere on the Santa Monica Promenade

Black tiered crochet shorts (Strut - Austin)

Strappy sandals (Dream - Fremont/Seattle)

Necklaces -  In God We Trust, bulldog & vintage from Sustalux

By Day 3 there was no avoiding getting sweaty and gross at the festival. I took this as soon as I got there so I wasn't a mess for this outfit pic. Despite the heat, I was having a blast with my friends and hearing some fantastic music.

Obey strappy tank

H&M high-waisted denim skirt

Vintage bag & leopard belt (Sustalux)

In God We Trust necklace w/bulldog

My partner-in-crime at Coachella, Anisa and I enjoying a pedicab ride on day 2. Thanks for spending this weekend with me!

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