Seattle! The World of WearableArt is now at EMP

I am continually impressed by what the EMP brings through its walls. On Wednesday I had the opportunity to preview The World of WearableArt, New Zealand's largest art show and design competition. 32 of the best designs are making the EMP their home through January 2, 2017.

My favorite piece: Mantilla by Jeff Thomson and Fenella Fenton, New Zealand

My favorite piece: Mantilla by Jeff Thomson and Fenella Fenton, New Zealand

Now in its 28th year, World of WearableArt has attracted hundreds of entries worldwide including fashion designers, artists, sculptors, architects, blacksmiths, illustrators, costume-makers and other artisans charged with the mission to take "art off the wall and adorn onto the human form." The design competition welcomes anything that is in any way wearable, as long as it's original, beautifully designed and well-made.

The 32 garments on display are permanent parts of the World of WearableArt collection and are making their North American debut right here in Seattle. Though they're the belles of the ball at the exhibit for sure, don't miss the workroom where you can design your own piece of wearable art, and the A/V presentation of the annual World of WearableArt awards show too.

There's a big celebration tonight to open the World of WearableArt exhibit, where you can enjoy a talk from World of WearableArt founder Dame Suzie Moncrieff as well as designers and artists whose work is featured in the exhibit. Some of the garments will be featured in a live showcase onstage!

At tonight's opening party, you can also participate in interactive demos with makeFashion, or weave you way through local artist Mandy Greer's live durational performance and interactive fiber-based installation, "The Metamorph."