Please Help Frankie the Frenchie & Bulldog Haven NW!

S.O.S. from Bulldog Haven Northwest and this little cutie! Bulldog Haven NW is near and dear to Jacob's and my hearts. Without them, Spike would not be in our lives! We take every opportunity we can to support them, and hope you can too.

BHNW Foster Frankie has lost some function in his rear legs. Costs are currently estimated at $7000 and we are in desperate need of donations to help cover his expenses!!

Frankie the Frenchie_Bulldog Haven NW

Frankie is now hospitalized at VCA for observation. He is currently on codeine, gabapentin, and prednisone to help manage his pain to keep him as comfortable as possible.

The vet's concern at this time is regarding a degenerative disc between two of his thoracic vertebrae. This is a separate from the know issue regarding disc compression in his neck, which he already needs surgery for.

He may need a rescan to see if something slipped or ruptured since yesterday. She is also worried that if his condition progresses more, he may become paralyzed. 

Frankie will stay another 24 hours at VCA to see how he progresses before determining the next step.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Frankie's situation is serious and COSTLY, and he is only one of the deserving bullies in our care.

Please consider a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to his care; any funds raised that are not needed for Frankie will be used for another dog like him.

Please keep Frankie in your thoughts. This is a scary time for him.