So Much Room for Activities at Alderbrook

While the reading nook that is your guest suite's window daybed is incredibly enticing, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not leaving your room at Alderbrook. There is no shortage of things to do, whether you're the outdoorsy type, love water sports, or just want to take a relaxing stroll on your way to the spa.

Our itinerary was packed during our 3-day stay at Alderbrook. As soon as we were settled into our rooms, we met for a tour of the grounds, then went on a forest bathing excursion.

Wait. What's 'forest bathing'?

I had to ask too. I really thought it meant getting in my bikini and into a hot tub in the middle of the forest. While not quite as glamping-like, what it really aims to do is just as relaxing and restorative. Forest bathing - or shinrinyoku - is the medicine of being in the forest. Simply put, it encourages you to slow down, breathe, walk slowly and use all of your senses as you walk through the forest. If you're anything like me, almost every hike you've ever done has been fast-paced or even running. I'm almost always huffing and puffing as I'm focused on the ground, not wanting to trip up or slip back down. Forest bathing at Alderbrook was the first time in a loooong time that I really absorbed all the sights, sounds, smells (and for my fellow getaway ladies, tastes) of the forest. Laurie, Alderbrook's resident forest bathing expert and also a member of their spa team, led us on a fun hour-long trek on the Big Tree Loop, one of the several trails right across the road from Alderbrook. I have a new appreciation of what it means to slow down and take it all in thanks to Laurie's guidance. I'm looking forward to more forest bathing in the future!

The next morning, we were treated to some waterfront yoga led by Michelle of Joonbug Yoga - except it was chilly, so we went inside for some indoor yoga instead. I tell you, power flow yoga is always a great way to wake up the body and start the day. Michelle is Alderbrook's resident yogi; she hosts regular yoga sessions for resort guests and locals alike, including a Full Moon yoga out on the Alderbrook lawn! She's actually hosting a retreat at Alderbrook on November 4-6 and it's only $250! Perfect excuse to gather some fellow yogis for a weekend trip.

On our last day, we partook in some en plein air painting out on the checkerboard patio overlooking the water. It was a perfect morning to paint the beautiful landscape in front of us. Local artist Robert Kamin led us through an hour of painting the Olympic mountains and Hood Canal and was so kind and patient. I am no artist and I felt like I did alright! In any case, I had a ton of fun and would totally do it again.

Those are just three of the countless activities for you to take part in during your stay at Alderbrook (or if you're a local - you can take part in most of them for a nominal fee!) There's a regular calendar of activities led by local artists and creatives like Laurie, Michelle, and Rob that includes all of the activities above and more. There are numerous nature trails; geocaching; water sports; excursions; fine art exhibitions; a sprawling lawn for barbecues and games like badminton, volleyball, bocce, croquet; kids' activity nook; and access to the Alderbrook Golf Club. Shoot, if you're an Xbox gamer, there's even a Gamer's Hideaway, complete with Xbox 360s, Kinect and it's open 24/7!

Alderbrook Resort and Spa 18.JPG

I could go on and on about all that you can do at Alderbrook (or about the incredible bathrobe, Pendleton blanket and reading nook waiting in your guest suite :).) I haven't even gone into the special events like the holiday cocoa cruise!

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Disclosure: A complimentary stay was provided by Alderbrook in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine!