10 Acts to Watch at Upstream Music Festival, June 1 - 3!

Upstream Music Fest was my favorite music experience last year. There was no other way to describe my experience than how it was advertised. It was an interactive playlist. I had a great time running from venue to venue to experience a diverse range of artists in atmospheres that lent to their performances. Having the chance to stand with fans who were more than happy to give an artist a try, and those artists who recognized the opportunity they had, put on some of the most memorable sets we've seen them perform.

This year will be the second annual Upstream Music Festival. Although there are some notable changes from last year's festival, the spirit remains the same, a gathering in Pioneer Square of local up and coming talent on the same lineup as established acts who know how to entertain. Of the 200+ act lineup, other than the headliners (Miguel, Jawbreaker, and The Flaming Lips), here are 10 more notable local acts to make time for that weekend:

Tacocat is the perfect mix of feminism, punk rock, and 90s pop sentimentality. Tacocat is ready to make you sing and dance to songs about your "Aunt Flow" and getting catcalled by construction workers.

Navvi is an electro-pop project who's performances seem to elevate with each set. Throbbing beats and vocals mix with dark tones to create a unique dance experience.

Great Grandpa remind me of old 'No Doubt' mixed with 'The Pixies'. Their 2017 album, Plastic Cough has been touted as one of the best of the year.

Tres Leches describe their genre as "Dark Basement". No other way to describe this trio of performers other than they provide a show that is insightful, punk rock, and fun.

New Track City brings back that old school lyrical driven hip-hop, backed by jazz/soul beats mixed with tons of energy and enthusiasm.

Lena Raine is one of the video game soundtrack composers performing at this year's festival. As an Award-nominated composer, Lena is ready to introduce festival goers to a music style not normally offered on lineups.

Otieno Terry is an up and coming artist to keep an eye on. The 2014 Sound Off champion had a great 2017 releasing singles and collaborating with other artists most notably Macklemore.

Wild Ones are a Portland group that blends Electronic music with R&B and Pop styles to create a music style that is entirely their own.

Kung Foo Grip has been part of the Seattle hip-hop scene since 2009. With their experience and time "paying their dues", Kung Foo Grip is poised to break out in 2018.

So Pitted is just a punk band that's fun to watch. At last year's festival, during the set, a member cut off his hair, tied it to his bangs, and finished the set with his hair tied to his bangs. Who knows what they'll do this year.

Upstream is coming June 1 - 3 in Pioneer Square. Get your tickets now!