Survive the Sound with Long Live the Kings! (Sponsored)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Long Live the Kings. I'm working with them because I love salmon and I love our beautiful Puget Sound. Hope you'll take a minute to read up about Survive the Sound and salmon preservation, and maybe even sponsor a fish or a school!

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Since the mid-‘80s, Seattle nonprofit Long Live the Kings has combined on-the-ground fieldwork with scientific innovation and partnerships to help advance wild salmon and steelhead recovery efforts.

Long Live the Kings’ Survive the Sound campaign takes what they’ve learned and creates a fun, interactive platform for the public to engage with their work.

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In Survive the Sound, players sponsor a fish (or a school of them!) and follow the Steelheads’ journey to the ocean. Fish sponsorship donations go directly toward Long Live the King’s efforts in the recovery of wild salmon and steelhead populations.

The Puget Sound has experienced a dramatic decline in steelhead during the past 30 years as a result of habitat destruction, overfishing, and dams. Steelheads are currently at less than 10 percent of their historic abundance and listed as a threatened species. Without action, this iconic Northwest fish may slip into extinction.

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Here are five easy ways to help our steelhead and support Survive the Sound:

  1. Learn about the migratory issues steelhead face as they brave Puget Sound.
  2. Share information and resources received through the game with family and friends.
  3. Contribute: The game offers a tangible, simple way for the public to contribute to the cause of steelhead recovery.
  4. Donate to conservation efforts by sponsoring a fish in Survive the Sound.
  5. Challenge friends, family and coworkers to compete with (or against) you to see whose fish survives the Sound. Prizes are awarded to sponsors who have the most fish in their school, the most surviving fish, and the fastest fish.

Get ready to race real fish for a good cause! To create a Survive the Sound team and follow along, visit