Interview: Stacy London on the Westfield Style Tour

A few Seattle bloggers and I got to sit down with super stylist & What Not to Wear host Stacy London last Saturday at Westfield Style Tour's Southcenter stop to ask her a few questions about life, fall trends and personal style. First of all, I want some of whatever she is channeling to be that bright, beautiful, spunky & cheerful so early on a Saturday morning! Stacy was really kind and gracious to us, taking the time to field a question from each of us and answer each one with a lot of care. I scribbled a ton of notes from everyone's questions and have chosen a few of my favorite highlights from our interview with Ms. London. Enjoy!

On the Westfield Style Tour:

I want to give customers a roadmap for their mall experience, because shopping can be overwhelming. [My style guide] is part catalog, part magazine & part hunting guide. Let me tell you, putting together a publication like that is hard work. Anna Wintour should run for president for what she does!

On style & confidence:

I am passionate about women feeling good about themselves because it took a long time for me to. 

I thought being into fashion meant being 'hip' and 'in the know' - and it left me feeling empty, not good enough.

When people stop believing in themselves, you can see it in their clothes. My guests tell me deep, personal, meaningful stories about their lives that affect their style. It's amazing how style can bring back confidence.

What are your favorite winter trends?

  • Brocade, lace, leather, tweed, faux fur

  • Primary colors, bold prints

  • Mixed prints

  • Black & white, bordreaux, teal, mustard

  • Texture

  • Monochromatic

FJ: What were your inspirations growing up that eventually led you to fashion?

Each chapter in my book is set to be a case study of sorts for different kinds of styling issues for women. In each chapter is an "I get it" section. I've been there. I've always been attracted to fashion from a very young age. I wanted Glenda's shoes from Wizard of Oz! I also had formative experiences, including a skin disease, that left me feeling 'less than' and overcompensating. Thankfully, I was able to overcome and now I use my experience to help other women feel good about how they look.

I think that fashion and style can sometimes be written off as superficial, and that's one of the most dangerous things we can do. Style is an emotional investment and we can learn a lot about ourselves from it.

Thanks, Stacy! Make sure to check out her book, The Truth About Style and Westfield Style Manual too!