The FreshWed Diaries: Staying at Salish Lodge & Spa

We got married in Issaquah, and Jacob thought it’d be nice to book a stay at Salish Lodge & Spa for my girls and I the night before our wedding; then for the two of us and Spike the night of the wedding. As a native, I’d been to Snoqualmie Falls plenty of times, but this was actually our first time staying at and spending time in Salish!

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Denny Grosclaude, the hotel manager for Salish, met me upon arrival and was kind enough to take me on a property tour. I got a look at the herb garden and the honeybee apiary that helps bring the culinary offerings to life at Salish’s Dining Room and Spa. The honeybees will fly up to five miles away before returning to the hives in the upper parking lot!

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We then toured the banquet space back in the main Salish building. Banquet spaces are always interesting to me having been an events director in one of my past professional lives 😃 and I was delighted to see the outdoor terrace set up for a 60-guest wedding that day. The indoor space is adjacent to the outdoor terrace, steps from the Dining Room, and is often used for business meetings, wedding reception, and small conference space.

View from The Attic

View from The Attic

Through the Dining Room and up the stairs, I got a peek at The Attic, which is the perfect place to channel your very best hygge vibes, get cozy, and enjoy a wood-fired pizza with loved ones while overlooking the falls. I had no idea The Attic existed before and can’t wait to enjoy a pizza there next time!

The Country Store, Salish’s gift shop, is truly the stuff of legend. It’s insulting to think of as just a gift shop actually. It’s magical Pacific Northwest goodness! If you are looking to pick up quintessential PNW gifts - or gifts for your favorite Twin Peaks fan - this is the perfect shop for you. Hotel guests get a discount of course, but anyone can shop there (and everyone should.) I especially appreciated their “Mr. & Mrs.”-themed bridal items and the variety of Salish honey and hot chocolate. All that you need for a hygge-friendly winter you can find at The Country Store!

The Salish Library

The Salish Library

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Our last stop on the property tour before Denny kindly helped me check in was to one of the suites, which sit in the west corner of the Lodge virtually atop the Falls. The rooms and suites were undergoing renovations this summer, so I imagine they’re even more impressive than when I got to see them!

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Our room was a pet-friendly space on the ground level, with easy access to a quiet pathway for Spike to do his business. It’s really something else to wake up and hear the gentle roaring of Snoqualmie Falls right outside your room - then take your sweet bulldog out for his morning walk right next to them! The Salish team greeted him with his own welcome card, blanket, cookie, and a new tag to take home! What a welcome for King Spike.

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The night before the wedding was a chill, good ol' fashioned girls' night with two of my favorite gals. We drank champagne, drew up the fire, and chatted until we fell asleep. I honestly didn't think much of this tradition - Jacob brought it up before I thought of it - but I'm so happy to have had that time with my girls before the wedding.

The morning after the wedding, Salish treated us to brunch in the Dining Room. It happened to be Father’s Day, so I think we got to enjoy an extra special menu. I loved our private booth next to the Falls, where our waitress showed us how to spot the alcove across the Falls, where a family of peregrine falcons lives. We saw a couple of the young falcons fly in and out of their cave!

I think people expect to pay for the view at the Dining Room and that’s it - but our brunch was exceptional from beginning to end. Our service was excellent, and the food was to die for. I’m a big hot chocolate fan, and the hot cocoa there was top notch. The pastries? Heavenly. Having seen the honeybee apiary, the honey was extra sweet! I’m not too sure how I fit the farmer’s breakfast in having consumed a lot for someone who literally just had their wedding (our dear friend Herschell may or may not have brought us Dick’s for afterward.) Anywho, I highly recommend the Dining Room for a nice dinner out!

Thank you so much, Salish, for making our pre- and post-wedding nights so perfect. I’m so happy that our first time at Salish was something Spike could share with us, and is one of many memories we’ll have with our dear bulldog angel for years to come.

Check out more on and reserve a room at Salish Lodge & Spa.

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Disclosure: Complimentary brunch and a discounted media stay were provided in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine!