Aces Interview: Piper Gore, Fashion Designer

Ah, the beauty of social media. Last week, a mutual friend (Hey Kristy!) introduced Piper Gore and I over email. I took one look at her site and fell in love with her line. As I evolve my style and put some hard definition on it, I can't deny that comfort is near the top of my list when I'm looking for the next addition to my closet. It's inherently West Coast, I think, and that's why Piper's collection struck me so. I asked if she'd bring Fresh Jess & my readers into her world for a little bit, and once again it's such a beautiful treat to see what makes one's spirit tick.

Piper Gore

Piper Gore


What's on your playlist right now?

I'm all over the place with music - but it is almost always on. Sometimes I actually manage to get slightly annoyed when I have to turn it down for a conversation in the middle of a really good song, even though I can just press pause! I get really lost in my music so it is a rude awakening when I have to come back from it I suppose ;)

To name a few artists on my playlist right now:

  • Rolling Stones

  • Jimmy Cliff


  • MS MR

  • Eric Lindell

  • Luke Bryan

  • Kid Rock

  • The Dirty Gov'nahs

  • Etta James

  • Wyclef

  • Autre ne Veut

  • Sublime

  • Jay-Z

  • David Bowie

  • Aerosmith

  • Pixies

  • The Cure

  • Bill Withers

  • Truth & Salvage

  • Moby

  • Skid Row

  • ...and it goes on & on!

Piper Gore

Piper Gore

Describe your style.

Easy. Mellow. Pulled together but not too seriously.

Who inspires you?

My friends each in their own way. I'm a girl's girl and I am so lucky to have such an incredible and inspiring group of girls around me. Each is so amazing in their own right.

Piper Gore

Piper Gore

What are you reading?

About 10 books at the moment. I love to read but every once in awhile, I go through phases where there is so much on my mind that I can't finish reading books. I keep starting new ones. It's really annoying! I am reading:

Piper Gore

Piper Gore

What are you most excited about in the coming months? 

Everything - all the possibilities. I feel like my world has just opened up and the longer I hang in there, the more people I meet and the more opportunities come about. I have no idea what's coming down the pipeline but I have hopes for what lies ahead and I'm working very hard to make that my reality. You never know - which I suppose is why it is so damn exciting.

Thank you Piper! Find her at

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