GATHER: A New Organic & Sustainable Pet Food (sponsored)

I like to tell people that Spike eats better than us, which is 100% true. I am that dog mom at the store studying every label, having conversations with the pet store owners about the products and researching online before buying. 

When we adopted Spike from Bulldog Haven NW, he had come to the rescue with painful stones in his urethra and bladder, which caused infections and discomfort. We were instructed to feed him as healthily as possible, and that’s what we’ve done since.

We do still feed him dry food/kibble sparingly, and all of that goes through the same scrutiny from mom before getting to Spike. That’s why I felt good about partnering with Canada’s Petcurean, a family-owned brand that specializes in fresh, certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and sustainable production. 

Earlier this month, they released a new line called GATHER. When developing GATHER, Petcurean searched for and found a handful of farmers, growers, and fishers of the highest integrity, who were practicing the responsible and sustainable production of extraordinary quality and natural ingredients.   Each recipe is free from rendered or genetically engineered ingredients and features a single source, fresh and dehydrated primary protein: 

  • Wild Ocean: The single-source fish protein in Wild Ocean is MSC certified fresh line-caught cod, pulled from the cold, clean Alaska coast waters. The cod comes from one of the world’s best managed, most sustainable fisheries and is an excellent source of high-quality protein, and provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Cod is blended with MSC certified krill, peas, lentils, chickpeas, organic flaxseed and other essential ingredients to provide a hearty, healthy meal for adult dogs.
  • Free Acres: The chicken in the delicious Free Acres recipe is sustainably produced, certified organic and free-run. And, it is the single source of poultry protein. Petcurean has included other wholesome foods such as organic peas, lentils, krill, organic flaxseed, blueberries and cranberries to provide dogs and cats with extra nutrition and extraordinary flavors.
  • Endless Valley: Endless Valley’s certified organic pea protein and other pure and natural ingredients are crafted into a vegan certified recipe especially for dogs. A plant-based diet can be a great option for dogs, their humans, and the environment, and Endless Valley provides all of the essential amino acids and complementary ingredients that provide complete and balanced nutrition. The Certified Vegan Trademark guarantees that Endless Valley does not contain any animal ingredients or animal by-products, uses no animal ingredient or by-product in the manufacturing process, and has not been tested on animals.

GATHER’s certified organic ingredients meet strict government standards for how foods are grown, handled and processed using organic agricultural methods. Certified organic chicken is raised humanely on certified organic feed with no animal by-products or antibiotics, and access to outdoor, pesticide-free pastures.

To further show Petcurean’s commitment to sustainability, GATHER leverages a USDA certified bio-based packaging to help reduce the product’s environmental impact. By using bags that are one-third plant-based, Petcurean has reduced its use of petroleum-based resources by 30 percent; for every 16 lb. bag the company makes, it saves close to a 4lb. bag worth of petroleum-based material.

Spike’s mom approves!  

The GATHER line of pet food is now available in pet specialty retailers. To find out where GATHER is available, please visit:

Disclosure: Products and content were provided by Petcurean for this post. All opinions are Spike's and mine!