Newsletters I'm Reading

In case your inbox is in need of some fun on this Monday, here are some of my favorite newsletters to subscribe to (and read religiously):


HRDlist: The hottest newsletter in the game drops every Monday with a neatly curated roundup of must-read articles on culture, race, music, current events and more. I'm such a big fan of the power couple behind HRDCVR, Elliott Wilson and Danyel Smith that I will read and support literally anything they put their blessings upon. Geri Hirsch is one of my oldest blogger crushes, and I've loved following the evolution of her content to match the evolution of her life. LEAF's weekly email is such a great resource for anyone who wants to up their wellness game.

Mattieologie: Mattie, another blogger crush of mine, quit her job a couple of years ago to blog full-time and is slaying at teaching others to find their own success. Great reads here on the blogging industry and Mattie's work.

Conde Nast Traveler: I'm not sure how I got on this list to be honest, but I like it so I kept it. A daily digest of the latest travel news, and some eye candy destinations to quench your wanderlust.

Danielle LaPorte's Daily Truthbomb: because who couldn't use a daily dose of realness?

Mastin Kipp / The Daily Love: The Daily Love may be the longest newsletter subscription I've had. I just really like Mastin's style - his newsletters are always from the heart, encouraging you to ask yourself the tough questions in life.

Well+Good: So many good wellness articles!

Barbell Shrugged: Also my favorite fitness podcast

Oh, and if there's too much clutter in your inbox, I love to help me mass unsubscribe from lists and "roll up" the newsletters I keep into one daily digest!