#MeToo (By Emma Eekhoff)

I was enjoying a concert with friends.

It was April, at Sol’s release party for his album, The Headspace Traveler. The concert was underway when the second act came on and everyone was bopping to the entertainment provided. I knew my friends were to my right and left, and I knew that there were a few strangers that were men behind me.

Well into the set of the performer, the crowd was instructed to continuously jump on command. The crowd jumped and jumped, but I noticed a larger male behind me that was jumping but very noticeably grinding on me throughout while the song played.

I was pissed. I couldn’t enjoy the show until I had revenge of some sort, to make him feel as bad as he did then.


So I thought, "What’s the best way to ‘get him?’" I’m 5’7’’, and rigorous weight training is a part of my life, so I could’ve tried to physically attack, but a concert isn’t a place for that, but neither is giving a woman unwanted physical attention.

I waited until the song was over, I shot dirty looks directly at him, which didn’t phase him. As the song ended and momentary silence came over the crowd, I turned around and said, “You better not be grinding on me,” in a loudest, angriest tone I could let out. It worked because the people around me stopped, and either looked concerned or like they wanted to fight the large male.

I think that it’s so sad and horrific that sexual assault and harassment are inescapable. I could be on the street walking home, going to class, or even at a concert with friends; and some kind of unwanted attention could be verbally or physically thrust upon any of us. It’s a scary thought that I try not to get caught up in, but try to be smart about.

Others and I victims don’t need condolences, we need action against the perpetrators so that men, women, and children can go on with life without the worry of this happening to them.


Emma Eekhoff is a 20-year-old Seattle college student. She's not afraid to share her stance on something, whether it is an art form like music or recent events in the world. She's been writing in a journalist setting for only a few years, through Fresh Jess, The Growl Online, or for a music blog. She loves to connect and network with new people in the worlds of business and music, travel to new places, and eat new interesting foods.

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