Seattle Day Trips: Langley Sea Float Scramble on Whidbey Island

I had so much fun with the Google Pixel at the Seahawks vs. Rams game that I asked to keep it for a while longer so I could take it with me to Langley. My mom heard about Langley’s annual Sea Float Scramble, where one-of-a-kind glass orbs made by Callahan McVay, of Callahan’s gallery and hot shop in Langley, are hidden along Seawall Park. We decided to take my nephew up there for the morning so he could join in the hunt!

Langley is a picture-perfect town on Whidbey Island, just a short ferry ride from Mukilteo (the Mukilteo ferry terminal is about a half-hour drive north of Seattle.) As you can probably imagine, the Sea Float Scramble was over in a matter of minutes, so we really spent most of our time perusing the postcard-ready downtown Langley. 

We made sure to get there super early to “scope out the place,” and took advantage of the free four-hour parking right in front of the small park where the Sea Float Scramble committee had hidden glass orbs for young children and disabled persons. We walked down to Seawall Park also, and then over to Kalakala Mercantile Co. for some hot cocoa to warm up before the Scramble. Kalakala is the cutest & they feature some great PNW creatives! Shout out to Blackbird and their incredible incense.

The Scramble itself was over in a matter of minutes, but we were so happy that my nephew was able to leave with a new glass orb! Afterward, we walked over to Callahan’s gallery and hot shop to see more of his glass creations, and to see some glass blowing in action.

We stopped into Village Pizzeria for lunch before heading back to Seattle. We waited half an hour for a table; it didn’t seem that busy, but we ended up with a breathtaking view of the water and Seawall Park underneath the restaurant, so it worked out!

I don’t have reason to take the ferry often, so when I do, it’s fun to cherish every moment of it.

For more events like Sea Float Scramble and things to do in Langley, check out Visit Langley.

Thanks, Verizon & Google Pixel for giving me the opportunity to take these awesome pics!