it feel like atlanta, it feel like L.A. - it feel like PERFECTION

after a week of birthday fun and being busy at work as usual - here it is. damn i'm so late on this! if you missed the kanye show last weds you seriously missed out. i've been to a lot of concerts over the years and this is probably the best one i've ever seen. yeezy is over-the-top and cocky, making no exceptions for the way he is and how he does things - which is why it's extra amazing that he more than delivers everything he's talked about. he calmed down a bit after his mother passed but you can tell he threw his heart and passion into designing this concert. that's what i love - seeing musicians get involved with their show beyond just showing up and playing music. this show's got spaceships, inflatable dolls, superscreens and a jim henson designed set that completely changes its look once different lights are imposed on it. freakin amazing. i was tryin to find fonzie and animal quite frankly. i am so impressed. he freakin tied (a whole lot of) his songs together and weaved a story out of them. ugh. what an experience.

lupe and N.E.R.D also killed it. lupe always does though. why did the neptunes rock the joint even with only one new song? ballers! i could have done without rihanna, but jake's friend is one of her backup dancers and i am happy he's got such a great job