30Fresh Aces: Jordana Bruner

Each week during 30Fresh, I'll introduce you to a couple of incredible people whose soul, energy, humor, talent, intellect and dreams light up my life. I think the world of them and hope you do too!

If you could bottle up beauty, brains, tenacity and wit in a slim little package, you'd have Jordana Bruner.

I met Jordie first through Twitter and then through mutual friends four years ago. The night I met her, I looked up her fashion & shopping blog, Clutch 22, and immediately got cold sweats. "Holy shit, she's amazing! Why would she want to hang with little ol' new blogger me?" I'd have to say Jordie & AlixRose were my first two biggest blogger inspirations, and I am thankful to call them my close friends today. Jordana is a true spitfire who's now devoting her time and talent to her role at an integrated marketing agency. I don't know anyone that matches the passion, confidence and creativity she has in her professional and other endeavors. They say that you should surround yourself with people you want to be like and who inspire you. I'm grateful to have such a true hustler like Jordie on my team.

What's on your playlist right now?

  • The 1975

  • Hey Ocean

  • A$AP Rocky

  • Savoir Adore

  • The Kills

  • Weezy

  • Drake

  • JT

She's even made a 30Fresh playlist! Listen here:

30Fresh from jordanabruner on 8tracks Radio.

Describe your style.

Alternative-preppy with a little lace and leather ;)

Who inspires you?

Aside from my mom and people I’ve grown close with for various reasons over the years (yourself included, lil mama) – the most inspiring influence in my life is New York. "She’s” a city full of people who come here to chase their dreams – how can you not be moved by that? The energy and pace keep me hustling.

What are you reading?

I’ve read (a few times, actually) this article from The New York Times about getting ahead by giving more of yourself to others. It’s about the youngest tenured professor at Wharton, 31 years old, how he spends his days and the lengths he has gone to prove this. Yeah, giving feels great, but the supporting data from his various experiments demonstrates increased productivity. Definitely worth a read. I work hard and a lot of what I read is related to that, but to keep things light, I’m a sucker for funny animal videos and photos. Check out @tunameltsmyheart and @frenchbullys on the Insta. :)

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

Honestly? Sunshine.

Thank you!

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