the big leagues

welcome to my new blog home! i've been posting on my myspace blog for a minute now, and people must be reading that shiz because it averages 100 hits and that is not bad. after some prodding from my boyfriend, i've decided to make a real blog. one for myspacers & non-myspacers alike to enjoy. and for Google AdSense to reimburse me for. haha!

why blog? i like writing, that's why. i think it's an art to write in a way that gets people excited about reading your stuff - and that it can't be taught in a journalism class. in fact i think it's kind of funny and a little sad when people use big words and complex sentences to sound smart. fuck that. i write like i talk, and i talk like a sailor. fuck you and your thesaurus!

i also blog because i like to read. what? that's right, i like to read. books, newspapers, magazines, those overhead things on the bus, news websites, other blogs, everything. i also like to share knowledge - so when i read something, and i think you might benefit from reading it, i'll post it here. i'm so nice huh.

i'm blessed. i have the best life, i live in a fantastic city with my love and my pups. i have the biggest family ever and we all live in the puget sound area, so i see them more in one week than you might see yours in a lifetime. that's a lotta love. my friends are so freakin hilarious and witty, and so damn intelligent, and so damn stylish in everything in life from the clothes to the songs on their iPod, i only look awesome because they let me call them my friends. i love them. i have the greatest job which has opened my eyes to so many people, events, and countless other business-related things in this city, nation and world. this job and my past experiences have taught me so much about myself; i'm growing every day. this is my platform to share my world with all of you - from books, sports, fashion, shoes, events, music, restaurants, nightlife, getaways to news and personal development...LIFE.

word. and take a look at some of my good friends and inspirations to your left, in the links!