Finding Greatness: The New Nike Seattle

Find your greatness.

That's what's on the wall behind the cash registers at the completely revamped Nike Seattle. Open today after months of construction, it's unrecognizable for anyone who's been in it before. For me, this morning was a bittersweet walk down memory lane.

Niketown was my college life. Sure, I took my classes and got my degree at the University of Washington, but most of my friendships earned and life lessons learned in college happened inside these walls. Everyone should work in retail at least once to truly understand human behavior as it relates to money - we just lucked out working in an environment full of laughs and rich in cultivating brand loyalty.

Everything I love about Nike - unforgettable design elements in store and product, the celebration of sport and athlete, and cultural symbols that reflect a city and a lifestyle - are present in the new Nike Seattle. Though the plastic shoe tubes and circular footprint are long gone, the energy of NTS that I - and so many - love and hold dear to our hearts lives on in the bright and airy new store.

I left Nike Seattle almost a decade ago, but the spirit of Nike still lives in me. The Nike Maxims set the foundation for how I approach every facet of my professional career and Fresh Jess - how I approach most things, really. Inside these walls, friendships were created with some incredible people I am honored to call 'friend' to this day. And of course, I am staunchly loyal to Nike shoes and apparel for life.

Thanks Nike Seattle, for helping me find my greatness!

Peep more of my personal photos from this morning's media preview on Instagram and SnapChat (JessEstrada206.)

Hope to see you tonight for a very special edition of Nike Seattle Run Club!

All photos courtesy of Nike