Lookbook Love: WildFang's "Got #GAMEFACE"?

I'm a big WildFang fan not just because of the clothes and the rad boutique in Portland, but because they are always so artistic and creative when it comes to every facet of their brand. My latest 'lookbook' love goes to their new photo series, #GAMEFACE, which struck me in how intricate and straight fierce these young and budding soccer stars are.

Photographer Andrea Corradini captured these right before they stepped out onto the pitch. Each of the girls exude a kind of confidence and strength that women (and men) of all ages can't help but be inspired by. WildFang and Corradini have really outdone themselves this time!

View all the photos and mini-interviews here. Shop the WildFang exclusive 'Squad Tee' just in time for the women's World Cup!