Unplug & Reset at Camp RAHH!

We're all looking for a little more time to unplug and decompress, no? Here in Seattle, a group including some of my favorite creatives has created just the space and time to do that.

Camp RAHH! is a summer camp experience for adults.

Camp RAHH! takes place on 47 acres of forest, grassland, and beach offering the ideal landscape for adventure.

As a camper, you create your days whether that means soaking up the sunrise with a cup of coffee, taking a yoga session on the beach, kayaking around the bay or even just playing board games with new friends. You decide.

As a Pacific Northwesterner who spends way too much of her time staring at a screen when she could be taking in the lush, beautiful nature scenery surrounding her, Camp RAHH! just seems so fucking cool.

It's started as a Kickstarter campaign but recently transitioned to Eventbrite to allow for more time to register. At $395 for three days of camp (June 5 - 7), it's reasonably-priced and all-inclusive - even round-trip transportation!

Sometimes, all we need is that physical space and actual time blocked off on our calendars to do what our bodies and minds are yearning for. 

Ready to unplug? Peep the full list of activities here, and register for Camp RAHH! here.