Help Kickstart Kalsada, Philippine Specialty Coffee

In the coffee capital of the world, knowing where our coffee comes from is just as important as the taste. Bonus points if we can put a face behind the beans; one with a passion for coffee and tremendous amounts of care in how its produced. 

My friend My Tam tipped me to Kalsada Coffee, founded by a trio of women entrepreneurs who are championing specialty coffee from and for the Philippines, working closely with farmers to produce the highest-quality beans possible. 

They've got a Kickstarter going right now, and need our help in raising $15,000 to build much-needed infrastructure for their farm partners to take their coffee from good to great.

Currently most farmers dry their coffee on bilao, or woven bamboo baskets. This dries the coffee much too quickly--essentially pre-baking it in the sun and giving the coffee a papery, cardboard taste.

With simple technology and a bit of training, farmers have a better chance of evenly drying their coffee. Already, Kalsada has built raised drying beds and has begun educating farmers on quality.

Your contributions will help build a small, inexpensive washing station that would centralize resources and knowledge. It would save the farmers time and labor, while bringing their unique coffee to aficionados like you.

Check out the Kalsada Coffee story and support their Kickstarter here. Thanks My Tam!